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Annual highlight

Annual highlight

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Top 10 highlights of 2017
1.Production and operation grew rapidly,and various indicators reached new highs.The amount of newly signed contracts,operating income,profits and EVA increased by 39%,16%,19%and 25%respectively over the same period last year,exceeding all the targets and setting new records.
2.Optimizing and improving sector management and enhancing market coordination.According to the company"much starker choices-and graver consequences-in"strategic planning,adjusting formed the engineering survey,surveying and mapping engineering,engineering design,engineering contracting,engineering detection,environmental engineering,and international business"6+1"pattern of business and management mode,professional management to further strengthen,the plate business further stimulate vitality,effectively integrate internal resources,market stronger together.
Third,the domestic market has been vigorously expanded and overseas operations have been steadily promoted.In China,in Chongqing,Jiangsu,Hubei and other places,local resources are integrated with multi-mode locations,and the annual proportion of engineering business outside the province is increased by 10%.International project actively expand Pakistan,Iraq and other business markets,localization work steady progress.At present,it has formed a new trend of the whole industry chain marching overseas.
Iv.We are committed to building engineering companies and accelerating the pace of transformation and upgrading.The number of professional engineering contracts increased by 46%compared with the same period last year,among which the number of basic professional contracts in the international market reached a new high.Professional construction contracts also entered the international market successfully,and the huge bridge project of The Branch line of Angola Airport was successfully signed.PPP projects have been constantly explored and advanced,and successful contracts have been signed in weinan,Yangling and other places.The pace of transformation,upgrading and leapfrog development has been further accelerated.
5.Innovation and excellence have been carried out in depth,and scientific research projects have yielded fruitful results.During the year,he was awarded 10 national and provincial science and technology awards and 10 authorized patents.The code for Geotechnical Engineering Investigation of High-rise Buildings,an industry standard revised by the editor-in-chief,was officially approved and released,and the projects under the National Science and Technology Support Plan during the 12th Five-Year Plan period and major provincial-level science and technology projects were successfully concluded.Proprietary technologies have been formed in the monitoring and prediction technology of loess high fill,the characteristics and distribution law of daxi'an rock and soil mass,and the big data of rock and soil.New applications and implementation of 18 scientific research projects and fund projects,the approved research funding of more than 20 million yuan.
Sixth,the master led the optimization and upgrading,talent construction has been quite effective.Zheng Jianguo,chief engineer,was appointed as a special expert for the position of"Sanqin Scholar";Zhang Jiwen,Deputy Chief Engineer,was awarded the second batch of"Shaanxi Provincial Survey and Design Master";Yu Yongtang was awarded the"Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology New Star";More than 40 new registered surveyors,first-grade registered architects,first-grade registered structural engineers and first-grade construction engineers have been added,and more than 60 professional and technical backbone personnel have been introduced.
Seven,the strategic concept leads the development,the top-level design system precedes.The report of the"13th Five-Year Plan"has been approved successfully,which lays out a detailed roadmap for enterprises to build"a world-renowned science and technology engineering company with distinctive business features".Focusing on the implementation of strategic goals,China has revised more than 40 rules and regulations in the areas of financial system,production and operation,quality and safety,and comprehensive services,further optimizing top-level design and strengthening weak links in management.
Strengthen Party building to promote development,and resolutely implement the responsibility for clean government.The functions and powers of the Party Committee and operation guarantee shall be incorporated into the articles of association of the company,and the work layout of party construction and business work shall be preliminarily formed.To study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China(CPC),to regularize and institutionalize the"two studies and one Action",to carry out the"three conferences and one lesson",and to strengthen the construction of the Party organization by adjusting and changing the term of the party branch,enriching the contingent of cadres and innovating the mode of party building;A number of clean government systems have been introduced,and the responsibility system has been strengthened through the identification,identification,description and evaluation of responsibilities,the compilation of the"Family Style and Family Moral Integrity Culture Manual",the establishment and construction of a lecture hall,the whole process of supervision and inspection of major projects,and the implementation of the pilot project inspection tour,etc.,to consolidate the foundation of our hospital's comprehensive and strict party governance.
Inheriting and developing cultural concepts,putting people first and talking together in harmony.On the basis of inheritance and development,the enterprise culture concept of"realistic,innovative,inclusive and sharing"in the new era has been widely recognized.Group activities such as youth staff forum,"Ankang Cup"knowledge competition,"Signature of Safety Production Commitment",staff badminton game,fun sports meeting to welcome the New Year,etc.,have been carried out to pool the development force.
Ten,to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the hospital,condensation heart together to plan the future.A series of staff activities were held to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the institute and symposiums were held in a simple and warm manner.Carried out special promotion in"China Machinery Group News","China Machinery And Equipment",etc.In addition,in the China-Arab States Expo,our booth three-dimensional appearance,attracted many domestic and foreign dignitaries and merchants;Shaanxi TV station,Shaanxi science and Technology network and other media published more than 50 reports,the new version of the company's website,promotional video,brochure was officially released,for the enterprise to establish the industry brand,promote production and operation played a positive role.

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