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Dean's speech

Dean's speech

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After decades of hard work,qing Guangsha tens of millions of rooms.For more than half a century,under the kind care of leaders at all levels and the strong support from all walks of life,relying on the hard work of all staff,MECHANICAL Exploration&Exploration Institute has developed into a prestigious survey and design unit at home and abroad,making great contributions to the economic construction and social development of the Republic."National comprehensive strength hundred of survey and design unit","national advanced unit of engineering survey and design","national excellent survey and design institute","the contract heavy credit enterprise","AAA credit grade enterprise","national excellent enterprise culture construction unit","provincial civilized unit",and many other award more determined to us the development of the national survey and design industry,promote the progress of human society harmonious stable pace.
Survey to build a centenary industry,design achievements handed down classic.With four"national survey and design master"tile,more than 30 provincial level and enjoy special government experts,more than 170 senior engineers,more than 800 employees,integration of the elite team,nearly 30000 high quality engineering,more than 150 national and provincial major research projects,more than 30 national progress prize in science and technology and science and technology achievement award and outstanding award,200 provincial awards,witnessed our commitment to China survey and design industry development and technology progress of hardships and thundering.
Harmonious development with embroidery,innovation and enterprising again brilliant.Adhering to the enterprise spirit of"realistic,innovative,inclusive and Shared",the staff of MECHANICAL Exploration&Exploration Institute will wholeheartedly"create value for customers",strive to build"distinctive and internationally renowned science and technology engineering company",and sincerely join hands with friends from all walks of life to create a brilliant multi-win chapter,create a harmonious and beautiful tomorrow!
Party Secretary and Chairman:Huang Yuming

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