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JIKAN Founded in 1952 and based in Xi’an,the ancient capital where the Silk Road starts,China Jikan Research Institute of Engineering Investigations and Design Co.,Ltd.,currently has over 800 professionals,including four state-certified Engineering Design Masters and more than 170 senior engineers.As one of China’s Top 100 Engineering Investigation and Design Enterprises with comprehensive strength,JK Institute has undertaken over 150 national and provincial major scientific research projects,edited and reviewed over 60 specifications,procedures and manuals,and has been awarded over 230 prizes,such as Science and Technology Progress Award,Science and Technology Achievement Award and Outstanding Engineering Award.
With a complete industry chain of engineering investigation,surveying and mapping engineering,engineering designing,engineering testing,engineering contracting and environmental engineering,JK Institute provides all-round,whole-process services regarding engineering and construction.
JK Institute has completed over 20,000 engineering and construction projects in 31 provinces,cities and autonomous regions in China,expanded footprints to more than 60 countries and regions in Asia,Europe,Africa,America and Oceania,and built bases in Angola,Venezuela,Cambodia,Cameroon,Laos,Indonesia,Sri Lanka,and Zambia.
Engineering Investigation
JK Institute has abundant experience in investigating a variety of complex geological sites of construction projects involving industrial and civil architectures,electrical energy,transportation and electronic communication,standing out as one of the domestic technological leaders in this field.
The site investigation and foundation testing of the new campus of Xi’an University of Finance and Economics,a project undertaken by JK Institute and winner of the National Gold Award for Outstanding Engineering Investigation and Design,saved tens of millions of dollars for the client;the engineering investigations of a dozen subways and tens of high-speed railways and highways in cities such as Xi’an and Luoyang have been completed successfully;the Hangzhou Hazardous Waste Landfill Project,the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center Project,the Shaanxi Yulin Energy and Chemical Industry Park Project,along with a large number of industrial and civil,energy and science&education projects,have been awarded national,ministerial and provincial prizes.
Surveying and Mapping Engineering
With the development of satellite remote sensing,unmanned drone surveying and spatial geographic information,JK Institute has been expanding its surveying and mapping engineering technology,covering underground pipeline surveying,topographic surveying and mapping,urban planning surveying,deformation monitoring of high-rise,super high-rise buildings and underground pipe gallery,control surveying of subway,robotic monitoring of fiber grating,high-speed railway evaluation and monitoring,UAV aerial surveying,3D laser scanning and modeling,satellite-borne lidar monitoring,3D digital city construction and BeiDou-based intelligent monitoring,providing more precise services in the engineering and construction field.
Engineering Designing
JK Institute is capable of professional planning&consulting,urban and rural planning,municipal designing,building designing,as well as landscape architecture and illumination designing.
Projects undertaken include:urban and rural planning of Ecological Restoration Zone in Ordos,Inner Mongolia,and Jinghe New City,Xixian New Area,Shaanxi Province;
Municipal engineering projects of Angola National Tourist Area,Ankang Sponge City in Shaanxi Province,water plant in downtown Weinan city and Xi’an Nanshe Bridge;
Designing of industrial and civil constructions,such as Ningdong Science&Technology Park in Ningxia Province,Shaanxi Youth Vocational College,Hancheng New Energy Automobile Industrial Park,Xixiang County Hospital and Evergrande Royal View Residence in Xi’an;
Landscape architecture and illumination designing of Silk Road Leisure Resort and Qingzhou Ancient City,Gansu Province.
Engineering Testing
JK Institute offers engineering testing services for foundation,main structure,steel structure,civil building energy saving projects,environmental detection,municipal bridge and rail transit and constructions,as well as witness sampling and testing of building materials,in hope to ensure engineering quality and construction safety.
Its research on the collapsible loess pile foundation of Zhengzhou-Xi’an High-speed Railway,a National Science and Technology Progress Award winning project,contributes to the running of the world’s first high-speed railway crossing such type of terrain.JK Institute is leading the industry in foundation testing,pile foundation testing and material structure testing for major transportation,industrial and civil construction projects,such as Zhejiang Hangzhou Bay Bridge,Xi’an Beltway,Xi’an-Baoji High-speed Railway,Nanning-Kunming High-speed Railway and Xi’an Xianyang International Airport.
Engineering Contracting
In the field of general contracting and project management,JK Institute has successfully implemented the Silk Road International Cooperation Park Project in Ningxia,the Weishui Eco-City Project in Weinan,Shaanxi,the sewage treatment plant upgrading project in Fufeng County,Baoji,and the Weinan Middle School Project.
In the field of basic engineering contracting,JK Institute has laid a solid foundation for many significant projects,such as the Samsung high-end memory chip project in Xi’an,the Zhoukou Longda super-critical coal-fired power plant project in Henan,the Liquan Conch 10-million-ton cement production base project in Anhui,the Xi’an Wanda Plaza project,the CR Land 24 City project in Chengdu,Sichuan,and the Evergrande Landscape City project in Lanzhou,Gansu.
Environmental Engineering
In line with the view that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets,JK Institute has set foot in geological disaster prevention,sewage treatment,soil remediation,solid waste treatment,environmental restoration and earth energy development.
Projects completed include landslide control in the Three Gorges Reservoir Region,risk assessment of geological disasters for the Shaanxi section of DC power grid from northwest to north China,environmental impact assessment of Dingbian wind farm and Jingbian photovoltaic power plant in Shaanxi,and engineering contracting of geothermal heat pump system of Shaanxi Master of Business Administration Institute.
International Projects
In fields such as social housing,hydroelectric plant,thermal power plant,port and dock,power transmission line,airport,school,farmland and water conservancy,JK Institute has completed the surveying,designing and basic engineering contracting of social houses in Angola,Luanda International Airport,social houses in Venezuela,Putnam coal-fired power plant in Sri Lanka,Thar coal-fired power plant in Pakistan,central power stations in Saladin,Iraq,Al Fulah,Sudan and Venezuela,Soyo oil-fired power plant in Angola and Tatay hydropower station in Cambodia;it has also undertaken Chinese foreign aid projects,such as Pakistan-China Friendship Centre in Pakistan,Laos International Conference Center,East Timor’s Defence Ministry Building,Mali Confucius Institute and Sino-Macedonian Friendship School in Macedonia.Through Sino-foreign cooperative researches on the engineering characteristics of reaumuria soongorica in Angola and foundation treatment technology,as well as the engineering applications of soft limestone in South Asia,JK Institute has initiated international research in the field of regional geotechnical engineering in China.Motivated by the visits of President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang,JK Institute is striving for further progress.
We are wholeheartedly committed to helping clients around the world solve key technical problems in engineering construction,and contributing to digital China construction,global spatial database construction,geotechnical engineering information technology,digital intelligent building and a harmonious and livable eco-environment.JK Institute is keen to work with partners to create a better future.

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