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Our metro survey business is in luoyang

Number of visits: Date:2017-05-25
In 2017 at the start of the New Year, good news came from luoyang public resources trading center, our hospital in metro survey with strong technical strength, the successful bid of luoyang LYGD rail transit line 1-03 - KC standard survey.
After winning, Roger, deputy general manager immediately led to luoyang, sits with the vendor, concrete matters, and according to the project characteristics and field site condition, overall planning, and quickly set up project department work.
Luoyang city rail transit line no. 1 route jianxi, xigong district, the old city, the chan riverfront. From the west to the west of the valley, east to the cultural street station, the length is 22.35 km, the station has 18 stations, the average distance is 1.30 km. The estimated investment in the project is 170.58 billion yuan. The project is divided into three blocks, and be responsible for our LYGD KC - 03 mark survey services, contain peony square station etc. A total of 7 station 7 at the beginning of the interval of prospecting, detailed prospecting, and the design and construction phase of the follow-up service.
Bid our hospital is located in luoyang is the most prosperous area, across three main JianXi, west worker, the old, blocks the mainland pipeline under complex, traffic is very congested on the ground, to the field drilling caused great inconvenience and potential safety problems.
According to the requirement of the owner, the drilling capacity of 50000m will be completed in 20 days, the construction period is very urgent and the task is heavy. In this case, the project department staff together, many times the actual investigation and consulting the local drilling experience, based on field geological conditions, pioneering "rally drilling method" was proposed, which adopts auto drill hole, small bench drill method of pebble. On the one hand, this method can reduce the risk of small hole bench drill impact broken line, ensuring the construction safety, ensure the quality of the drilling sampling on the other hand, at the same time, greatly improving the drilling efficiency, shorten the construction period, reduce the cost. Through the joint efforts of all the staff members of the project department, we completed the preliminary survey and received the high praise from the owners.
The successful completion of the winning and the first survey of the project marks the new journey of the subway survey in our hospital to go out of shaanxi and into the whole country. We will take advantage of the traditional technology, elaborate organization planning, successfully completed the project tasks, the landlord will provide the first-class service wholeheartedly, further hoist can be brand.

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