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Liu yaming, the head of the discipline inspection team of the provincial building, came to the hospital for guidance

Number of visits: Date:2017-05-25
On May 11, liu yaming, a member of the party committee of the provincial building and the head of the disciplinary inspection team of the standing room, came to the institute for research and guidance. Zhao peng and liu hao, deputy head of the disciplinary inspection team of the bureau of standardization, accompanied the standard quota.
Zhang wei, chairman of heartfelt thanks to the province live built hall concern for our guidance and help for a long time, our hospital in recent years were introduced the production and business operation, science and technology innovation, business development, transformation and upgrading, etc, Huang Yuming, party secretary of discipline inspection commission secretary zhi-gang ye introduced the party and the party's style of the cultivation of clean government, the enterprise culture construction, and so on and so forth. Assistant minister of production and business, shi huaiqing, director of the inspection office, and other participants.
Ya-ming liu said, such as team leader, machine can be increasingly in recent years, the industry chain is tending toward perfection, legislative fruitful in science and technology, talent training effectiveness, the future development orientation precision, thanks to the machine can be courtyard has a unity and harmonious progress of the party and government leadership, thanks to the party and government, understanding of the comprehensive governing party commission for discipline inspection team in place, responsibility pressure conduction in place, the party disciplinary force in place, thanks to the staff of innovation and pioneering spirit.
Hope ya-ming liu group leader and so on, machine can be courtyard party and government bodies to be strict character overhead, between staying duty, further performance of the good style of main body responsibility, the cultivation of clean government of party committee discipline inspection supervision responsibility, the staff at all levels and leading members of a pair of responsibilities; We will further improve the domestic and foreign markets, expand emerging businesses and implement the transformation and upgrading. The provincial building will create a favorable market environment, enhance the awareness of the service consciousness of the people, and continue to support the implementation of the enterprise.
Chairman zhang wei said that the leadership team will further strengthen the party building and the construction of clean government, and keep the focus on the production and management center. Floor staff to put on more steam rolled up his sleeves, pursued beyond don't slack off, and jointly create a fresh air wind is the director-general of entrepreneurial atmosphere, further enhance the enterprise strength, realize the healthy and rapid development, to build the business characteristic, famous international science and technology engineering company, for the construction of "three" in shaanxi province.

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