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The annual meeting of the chief experts of the national computer group was held

Number of visits: Date:2017-05-25
On March 6, 2017, the group's chief expert commission co-chaired the national master of engineering survey and design, the machine group chief expert, my deputy general manager and chief engineer Roger comrade 2016 annual rite situation has carried on the appraisal. Commission co-chaired by China mechanical equipment engineering co., LTD. (CMEC), vice President, our chairman zhang wei, yong-lin Yang, CMEC Huang Yuming, party secretary of our general manager, deputy general manager of human resources Guo Yun, design consulting, deputy general manager of hua-shan wang, comrade zhang wei ren commission co-chaired the group leader and chair the meeting.
Comrade, Roger to report the post started in 2016 as chief expert, was introduced in detail in academic exchanges and cooperation, researches, the team construction, patent application, paper, standard preparation, the work of science and technology award, etc.
Hearing the reporting on activities, the commission co-chaired members agreed that the successful completion of the chief expert Roger comrades job role and responsibility of the term "regulation of the task indicators, started in place, achievement is outstanding, especially in the major researches, the innovation platform construction, personnel training has achieved remarkable results, not only impelled the machine can be courtyard, advancement of technology and production, as well as the machine group, CMEC geotechnical engineering contracting business provides professional strong support. According to the results of the test team, chief expert zheng jianguo's 2016 results were "excellent".
Commission co-chaired hope Roger gay as chief expert, the machine group in the future work to a higher sense of responsibility and a broader vision, based on national "area" HeGuoJi group, CMEC strategy layout, continue to play a good chief expert's leading role, make good scientific research innovation incubation platform, build the cultivation mechanism of talent echelon, is courtyard of the machine group, CMEC and machine can be provide more scientific development of technology and intellectual support.

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