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The party's disciplinary committee convened a new cadre of cadres to talk to each other

Number of visits: Date:2017-05-25
According to the regulations on the work of the commission on the integrity of the government, on March 14, the commission of the commission convened a meeting of the new cadres in the five-floor meeting room. Party secretary Huang Yuming, vice secretary of party committee, general manager yong-lin Yang, secretary of the commission for discipline inspection, deputy general manager zhi-gang ye to attend the meeting and delivered a speech, 14 new high-level cadres. The meeting was presided over by the director of the inspection office.
First by the discipline inspection office HuoHao convey, deputy director of the collar to learn general secretary in the party's sixth plenary of 18, yisheng 18th session of seven plenary session, the national state-owned enterprise party construction's important speech spirit at the meeting.
In the talk of integrity, the party secretary, ye zhigang, has made specific demands on the new cadres in the case of the case, which is to strengthen the sense of rules and regulations. Always maintains highly consistent with the central party committee, discipline, rules, do the political "wise men", firmly implement the party and government leadership and regulations of the central eight yuan strategic decision; Second, we must clean up our work and fulfill our responsibilities. Where the duties and responsibilities of the cadres at all levels are to be taken, and where the responsibilities of the party's clean and political work are to be carried out, the responsibility must be carried out. Third, we should strengthen oversight and standardize the use of rights. In order to be able to accept supervision, strengthen self-monitoring and uphold democratic centralism, the implementation of supervision has no dead Angle; Fourth, we need to fulfill our own achievements. Discipline should be strict supervision of cadres management, at the same time to actively implement the general secretary of the "three separate", protect style decent, forge ahead, loyal, clean, enterprise development of cadres.
After reading the book of the new leadership, 14 comrades signed the pledge. Geotechnical design love foreever, director of the commitment on behalf of the new cadres will strictly enforce clean industry regulation, to perform a pair of responsibilities, healthy and scientific development unremitting efforts for the enterprise.
General manager Yang yonglin put forward five points of hope and demand for the new cadre: first, the cadre should do well management and management. Cadres for continuity, transmission, forge ahead, in terms of we want to play a role of benchmarking, its body is, not to also go, its a crooked stick, although make not from; Secondly, to be loyal to the enterprise, to be responsible for the development of the enterprise and to take responsibility for its own responsibility. We need to be accountable, accountable and responsible, and work on our responsibilities. Positioned, and the third, positioning, fulfill their duties, in place not offside, covering not absence, really take up the duty of the bear, the things of the tube to tube in place; To be able to bear the temptation, to give up the benefit, to hold the criticism, to do the wrong thing, to make a contribution before, and to endure hardships before. Five exercise to strengthen learning, expand field of vision, in the system, within the framework of rules, within the scope of the policy allows, rolled up his sleeves come on dry, leading the machine can be the continuous and healthy development.
Secretary Huang Yuming stressed that former honest conversation is a key process, the selection and appointment of cadres is an important carrier of movement education, is an important way of supervision within the party. The former anti-corruption talk is the first of education, which is the process of learning to encourage and also alerting education. As for the future of the party, the yellow secretary asked the staff and staff of the whole school to "stick to the bottom line, clear the air, strengthen responsibility and take responsibility". Should constantly strengthen the consciousness of "four", keep the bottom line, innocent person, honest, persistent implementation of the central eight spirit, adhere to keep the law and discipline, four line, policy and moral value of enterprises to provide career stage, remember whole-hearted service tenet, the foothold official duty post, to do honest, pragmatic dedication.
Huang Shuji said finally, courtyard party committee will in the future work vigorously realizes xi general secretary of the leading cadres' firm faith, for the people service, honesty and uprightness diligent pragmatic, dare to bear, "20 words requirements, actively implement the" three mechanism "shaanxi province party committee and the management of cadres. We hope that all of you will be motivated by the change in the work position, and contribute the most to promote the comprehensive strategy of the 13th five-year plan, and build a harmonious and prosperous machine.

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