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The first phase of the project of the weishui eco-city infrastructure project went smoothly

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On April 13, chairman zhang wei and other leaders met with zhou xiaode, party secretary of xi 'an university of science and technology.
Zhang wei, the chairman of this paper introduces the development situation of our hospital, especially in recent years in complete industry chain, enhance the capacity of engineering services, said the hospital will work with xian university of science and technology continuously strengthen cooperation in academic exchanges and talent cultivation, and to tech infrastructure to provide more quality services.
Xiao-de zhou secretary of school construction are introduced, according to the xi 'an polytechnic and the machine can be the historical origin, cooperation, deep foundation is good, especially in scientific research collaboration, part-time teaching, promote the construction of employment, service has established the good relations, hoped that both sides will strengthen comprehensive strategic cooperation in the future work.
Party secretary huang by our contracting WeiShui eco-city, the first phase of the construction of infrastructure on general contracting project, various blocks work has paid off.
WeiShui eco-city project is located in weinan, north of 310 national road, south of the wei river levee sand Wang Daqiao and gold waterway east, west of the wei river bridge and the livelihood of the people road, a total area of 3.72 square kilometers. The project binghe is built to make the first eco-city in weinan city, which is the best quality and ecological environment in weinan. Engineering general contracting project construction content mainly includes the road engineering, water supply and drainage engineering, lighting engineering, landscape greening projects, and other ancillary facilities construction project engineering, etc. The current phase of the project mainly carried out the construction of xuanhua road, weiyuan road, the three municipal roads of weishui street, and the upgrading of the old riverbank landscape.
Since starting in October 2015 after 15 months, in order to complete this important project, excellent hospital leadership many times to the field command, department heads and staff will respond, work hard, make full use of the machine can be bear hardships and stand hard work spirit. Technically, strictly comply with the national standards and relevant technical standards, strict requirements for each process and the control of each process. On the safety of the site, the designated personnel shall conduct daily patrol of the site, and promptly rectify the areas that do not meet the safety standards and eliminate the risk sources in the bud. On the civilized construction, various blocks according to the requirements to cover all bare earth, hardening roads on construction site cleaning, formulate a set of effective system and strict implementation of execution; On schedule, arrange the working face and personnel deployment project reasonably and effectively, on the premise of guarantee quality, finish the work as each milestone nodes.
At present, the project is progressing smoothly. Xuanhua road completed the underground pipeline construction before the end of the year. Source road completed 70% of the work of gravel; WeiShui street in February comes into play, now completed the excavation near 900 m and 900 m of rainwater pipeline laying work, recently has passed the deep foundation pit supporting and precipitation scheme expert argumentation; The old embankment landscape renovation project has completed the 450 m, plan at the end of may all completed, at present has completed planting trees above the ground and the cutting, greening landscape is taking shape.
Under the leadership of the leadership of the school, through the untiring efforts of the team together all the people, the field work in perfect order, smoothly, and cooperate well response the weinan government "iron-fisted rule haze" requirement, recognised by the project owner and the relevant units. Yu Ming, general manager Yang yonglin and deputy general manager zhang jiashan attended the meeting.

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