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Our hospital holds a ceremony for the responsibility of the year 2017

Number of visits: Date:2017-05-25
On the morning of March 15, our hospital held the "signing ceremony for the responsibility of the year 2017". Signed with yong-lin Yang general manager zhang wei, the chairman of the annual "economy, technology and production safety responsibility, secretary Huang Yuming yong-lin Yang general manager and signed a year the party on the cultivation of clean government responsibility; Huang and Yang, respectively, have signed the annual targets of responsibility, respectively, with the manager of the department of management and the division, branch and functional management.
Yong-lin Yang presided over the meeting, deputy party secretary, general manager, and introduces the organization adjustment this year on the cadres and plate the background and ideas of the management, and puts forward the specific requirements on job target. Yang stressed that to seize the opportunities, the measures should be taken. We should give full play to the advantages of the central government, and use the core business to develop the whole industrial chain in the domestic market and overseas market. Second, it is a reappraisal, and it is effective. The departments should be required to break down the target responsibilities and implement them to the people, emphasizing the rewards and punishments. In order to strengthen the objective task, we should strengthen the supervision and inspection. To manage, promote. Yang always asks the functional management department to be active in the development of the standard, to comb the operation process, to improve the management system construction, to improve the office efficiency. In order to provide the guidance and help of the functional management of the sub-section, the transformation from the linear management to the level management is gradually realized.
Huang Yuming secretary to implement the responsibility system for the party to build a clean government put forward the three requirements, to further understand and know the style of the significance of the cultivation of clean government accountability. Leading officials at all levels should carry out the responsibility system for building the party's clean government as a political discipline and implement it conscientiously, as a major political task must be completed. Second, we must make a clear definition of the important role of signing party to build a clean government responsibility, adhere to the party's style of honest construction and production, management, scientific research, management and other work together, to deploy and implement together, check together, together, to do "to combine, both hands to hard"; Third, we need to effectively implement the responsibility system for the construction of the party's clean governance system, and ensure that the education, division of labor, supervision and inspection, and the responsibility of "four in place" should be implemented. Huang Shuji finally pointed out that not only should keep their leading cadres, set an example, the leading role, and to manage and subordinate staff, law-abiding, not only should pay special attention to the business work, but also strict charge pipe, eventually establish and implement the responsibility system for a good party to build a clean government, various undertakings for the enterprise better and faster development.
Finally, zhang wei, chairman with the clarity of the situation clear objectives, transformation and upgrading of the steady development, from the domestic and international situation, group development strategy, from four aspects such as the development orientation and work measures delivered an important speech.
Zhang wei, chairman of the international and domestic economic situation is analyzed in detail and project investment situation, put forward our strategy, and all the way to follow the national area CMEC global layout, especially in the national infrastructure investment, the county economy, especially the small town construction, environmental protection industry increasing attention and development. In the interpretation of the machine group, CMEC after development strategy and work plan for 2017, zhang wei, chairman of the hospital according to the deployment requirements, play in the group project contracting geotechnical technology support, in the plate in strengthening technological advantages to build core competitive ability, inspire innovative research and development prospective areas, domestic and foreign markets and expand the PPP project, to strengthen the construction of professional team improve ability, strengthening the internal cooperation and communication between plate plate for ascension.
For the development of our future, zhang wei, chairman of elaborated under the new situation of the enterprise mission, vision, orientation, concept and strategy of "seven face a nuclear four" development ideas, and hopes to strengthen risk management control, follow the situation to expand the market, innovation leading to strengthen ability, a pair of responsibilities and honest self-discipline, build base image enhancement measures, implement enterprise "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" and the task of annual goals accomplished.
Zhang wei, the chairman of the last hope and partial cadres and workers in the upper right under the strong leadership of the party and the team lead and court, to enterprises "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" strategic objectives as the guidance, muster the race to the top, to greet the 19 big party congress with honours.

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