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Another project in our institute is awarded the shaanxi provincial science and technology progress award

Number of visits: Date:2017-05-25
On the morning of April 28, the shaanxi provincial science and technology award conference was held in the great hall of shaanxi. The application of "beidou satellite positioning technology in high filling deformation monitoring" was awarded the second prize in shaanxi provincial science and technology progress.
Conference, shaanxi provincial party committee secretary of Mr Lou for 2016 annual national science and technology progress prize of shaanxi team honor certificate, the shaanxi provincial governor hu peace talk, shaanxi provincial party committee standing committee xiao-yan liu, liang to attend the meeting, vice governor of shaanxi province dao-hong zhang read "shaanxi province people's government on the decision of the science and technology award" in 2016.
"Beidou satellite positioning technology in the application of high embankment deformation monitoring research" (" main persons: ji-wen zhang, Yu Yongtang, Du Weifei, shayna, ripan malhi, Yang tzu-chung, qi bin, jian-zhong gao, Roger) for our cooperation with hefei university of technology project. The results is in view of the traditional static and dynamic measuring methods applied in large area, regional engineering site for deformation observation, continuity, real-time and automation degree is not enough, difficult to timely find the disadvantage of geological hazards and the analysis of evolution trend, developed a set of beidou automation system, high precision deformation observation to solve the satellite signal carrier phase cycle slip detecting and repairing, etc problems, and has developed the beidou deformation monitoring of form a complete set equipment and system software, data acquisition, transmission, storage, decoding, analysis, display and so on a complete set of beidou system high embankment deformation monitoring technology. The results of the project have been successfully applied to several projects, improving the monitoring efficiency and safety early warning capacity of the project, and the economic and social benefits are significant.

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