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President xi jinping inspected the big Venezuelan housing project in our hospital

Number of visits: Date:2017-05-25


On 22 July (July 21 at 3 PM local time 50 points), is currently on a state visit to venezuela, xi jinping, chairman of the accompanied by President nicolas maduro, visit our cooperated-builing bilateral cooperation, wu na social housing project inspection. Wang huning, Chinese chestnut war book, Yang jiechi and other central leaders were accompanying the visit.
At the project site, the bilateral employees and local residents applause, enthusiastic Shouting "built housing, build friendship" and "Viva la Amistad (long live the friendship)", to express the infinite joy, warmly welcome the arrival of the chairman xi.
Accompanied by citic group, general manager of Wang Jiong etc, the two heads of state the chairman of citic group, citic construction assistant of general manager Gavin report about project general situation, into the finished building, visited the building homes and shops, auxiliary nursery and other public facilities, highly affirmed the project construction speed is quick, engineering quality, and had a cordial meeting with the citic construction units on behalf of the joint fleet partners, contractors, such as zhang wei dean leaders shook hands (see photo). Comrades from our hospital, ma xiaowu and wu xuelin, attended the welcome event.
By citic construction EPC general contracting tiu na social housing project is located in Caracas, the government is to improve the livelihood of the people of the "big housing plan" the first batch of key projects, the late venezuela's President Hugo chavez has repeatedly visited the project. The project contains 116 units totaling 13,034 homes and corresponding facilities. At the end of 2013, the first phase of the project, 3964 houses 2152 housing units reach delivery terms, in nearly a year ahead of time to complete, the Venezuelan people called "China speed" in sight. In August, tens of thousands of local residents will be able to dream about their homes.
Since the beginning of 2012, we have carried out the project survey and the design review and construction of some CFG piles and the pile foundation test. During our engineering and technical personnel adhere to quality, maintain efficient, safe construction, fine service, quality, progress and fighting spirit by venezuela and appraised by the general contractor.
CCTV "news broadcast" chairman of the xi jinping visit tiffany wu na social housing project inspect report, make the floor staff encouraged and motivation. Venezuela is one of the most important areas in Latin America. At present, in addition to tiu na social housing projects, also undertake the central power plants for survey, design and construction of foundation pit supporting, precipitation, card cabello container terminals such as investigation and emergency substation zulia state survey projects, with local SUBIBNCO company signed a cooperation agreement, and in 2013 set up branch in venezuela. In the future, we will continue to expand the market in Latin America, and do the active and communicators of the Chinese survey and design enterprises as well as the practitioners and communicators of china-latin America friendship.

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